Send the Underwater Robotics Team to Nationals

#9ea1e8 Raised $2,200 towards the $5,000 target.

Updated March 22, 2017

Last June underwater robotics club members Jakobee (left) and Nathan (right) won the middle school division of the regional SeaPerch competition in Bremerton. This week we learned that these club members have been invited to participate in the Nationals competition in Atlanta, GA.

Nathan and Jakobee make a great team. Jakobee has a real knack for seeing problems in an out of the box way. Program mentor Rachele recalls a situation where Jakobee needed to compete an underwater challenge in a murky water environment, and realized he could use the visual interruptions in the pattern in the bottom of the pool (the only part that was visible from above) to determine where the challenge elements were. Nathan brings a real aptitude and interest in iterating new and better tools that help them beat the competition. He constructed a mechanical manipulator arm for the Bremerton competition, which he has upgraded to a hydraulic version over the last year.

Because this invitation was not a sure thing it did not make it into our budget for the year. We are working to pull together the additional $5,000 or so it will take to send the participants and two adults to Atlanta for this unique event. We are working hard to think like Jakobee and Nathan as we raise these funds- here’s how you can help.

– Can you donate Alaska Airlines miles?
– Are you a member of a local service club who would be willing to host Jakobee and Nathan on an ROV Road Show to help raise funds?
– Are you a member of an engineering organization to whom you can spread the word about this effort?

You can also donate directly online. Please share this online campaign with your friends!

If you have any questions, please contact Melissa at


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