How do you bathe a fish?

Facilities Director Tamara noticed that some of our splitnose rockfish (Sebastes diploproa) were suffering from ill health. After conducting some research, contacting colleagues at the Seattle Aquarium surfaced a diagnosis of marine parasites and also a treatment – a fresh water bath.

The fresh water bath had to be done with a certain kind of water Рfiltered by reverse osmosis. The fish must be bathed for at least three minutes. Although this is not their native water chemistry, as they live in seawater, they can actually survive for a while in the fresh water Рhowever, the marine parasites cannot!

Thanks to Olympic Springs¬†for their donation of a 5 gallon jug of reverse osmosis filtered water, Tamara was able to treat the fish, and reduce or eliminate the parasites. Just another way we are ‘scaling up” our animal care program!


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