Farewell, Spongebob

“Spongebob” Retires After 13 Years For 13 years Bob Campbell has been making sure living creatures at Feiro have a safe place to live. And not just our marine life friends – Bob’s warmth and generosity has extended to volunteers, staff and community members over his tenure at Feiro. He will be the first to tell … Continued

Staff Retirement

It is with very mixed emotions that we report Bob Campbell, Facilities Coordinator, will be retiring at the end of August. Bob has been a fixture at Feiro since 2003. So many folks worked, volunteered and learned with him over the years – and we are all the better for the opportunities to do so. … Continued

35 Years and Counting as a Volunteer

This blog was authored by Janet Lamont, long time volunteer naturalist and new Feiro Board member. You can meet Shirley on Sunday afternoons during her volunteer naturalist shift, or during the 35th Anniversary Event on Wednesday July 13th from 5:00-8:00pm. Free admission, youth costume contest, hands-on activities, and cake all at Feiro during Concerts on … Continued

City Pier Master Plan Recommendation Coming Soon

The Peninsula Daily News published an article this morning concerning the overall vision for City Pier and some concern from community members about the size of the parking lot that would be included in the plan. A bit of clarity: The City Pier Master Plan public comment opportunities at the in-person studio and via a later … Continued

Survey Open Until Jun 2 on City Pier Semi-Final Designs

City Pier Master Planning Semi-final Design Public Comment period is now open! Thanks to more than 70 individuals who took the time to attend the in-person design studios May 12-14. Your input resulted in these two semi-final designs. Please take a moment to provide additional thoughts on the elements of these designs at this survey … Continued

City Pier Design Studio: Day 1 Summary

Thanks to everyone who visited and shared feedback yesterday! The planners ended the day having developed 6 different design scenarios for City Pier. Today they will continue to iterate and refine those scenarios, whittling them down over the next 2 days to a single plan that will be presented at 2pm Saturday. Here’s what you … Continued

Blog: A Vision for City Pier

On the occasion of my two-year anniversary as the Executive Director of the Feiro (May 7th), I’d like to invite you to join me in developing a new vision for City Pier that combines the best of Feiro and the NOAA Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary in a new Marine Discovery Center. When I arrived … Continued

Invasive “Rock Vomit” Studies in Port Angeles Marina

Tunicates are filter-feeders who settle on pilings, docks, rocks and hulls, like barnacles do. Charitably described as ‘goopy’ looking; invasive tunicates can be a real problem for native species, outcompeting them for food, sometimes consuming their larva so as to prevent reproduction and potentially overgrowing and smothering species like bivalves. Resource managers and the shellfish … Continued

34 New Volunteers Join Marine Mammal Stranding Network

Could you tell how to identify a stranded marine mammal using parts such as  flippers, dorsal fins, skulls, or whiskers? Thirty-four new Juan de Fuca Marine Mammal (JdF MMSN) stranding volunteers now can, after completing a four-hour training with marine mammal experts Mary Sue Brancato, Ed Bowlby and Rich Osborne. As part of the JdFMMSN … Continued