Fish on the Fence exhibit

If you spend time on the waterfront near the Landing Mall, you might notice some fish. Not in the water, but on the fence. Over the past seven years, the collection of student produced marine-themed art has grown to cover nearly the entire fence around the property. The late Paul Cronauer launched the public art project, with his goal to include 20,000 fish on the fence. Over the last seven years the art project has branched out into a dedicated education program, involving local students and youth, an interpretive walk, as visitors experience the natural history stories told by salmon “leaping” up the stairs and eelgrass and herring balls, and an annual fundraising event, where local philanthropists and business leaders with an interest in furthering the mission of the Feiro Marine Life Center gather to dine and bid on unique auction items.

FOTF art on fence1

Art Work Displayed at Feiro

Paul Blake

Paul Blake’s fish print work is inspired by Japanese gyotaku, but uses Pacific Northwest native fish. See more of his work.

Larry Eifert

Larry Eifert’s murals of the Elwah River ecosystem are positioned to reflect the importance of the dam removal project. Feiro also has a few original pieces illustrating the nearshore ecosystem. See more of his work.

Cory Ench

Cory Ench’s nearly life size murals covering the south exterior walls of the facility juxtapose Klallam life in the early 1800’s and the later Puget Sound Cooperative colony settlement (1889) at the mouth of Ennis Creek. These murals are one of the most photographed art works in Port Angeles. See more of his work.

Clark Mundy

Clark Mundy’s hand-hammered copper sculpture provides a dramatic frontispiece for Feiro’s entry and inside adorns a hand-carved tribute tree dedicated to Arthur Feiro, the center’s namesake, and his colleague Will Wirt. See more of his work.