2016 Annual Report

It’s hard to believe it’s already the first day of August! The summer has been flying by, with camps and field trips and over 5,700 visitors to the exhibits this summer! That’s a lot of urchin hugs.

There’s always more than meets the eye at Feiro, and the annual report gives you a snapshot of what 2016 looked like for our 35th anniversary year. (35th anniversary party photos – see page 4)

We appreciate everyone’s support, testimonials, and even suggestions for improvement. (2016 donor lists – see pages 8 & 9) We continually strive to better the learning opportunities and impact we make in the community (Impact profiles – see pages 5, 6 & 7) Our mission requires it. (Mission – see page 10 ) We look forward to a bright future! (Future of Feiro update – see page 11)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

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